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2018-19 Tryouts


Topeka Select Tryouts will begin Friday, June 8, 2018 (U10 and below) and Saturday, June 9, 2018 (U11 and above). Please keep checking this page for updates on the specific tryout times.

Registration is preferred, but walk-ups are welcome.  There are no costs for tryouts.


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All Topeka Select Tryouts will be held at Washburn Rural High School (5900 SW 61st Street, Topeka, KS).  Times will be published on Monday, May 21st at 5:00 pm.

All players are welcome to attend tryouts, whether or not they have ever played for TSSC. Players looking for a new team will be identified for all coaches within the age group to meet and evaluate. From there, all coaches in the age group will work together to find the best placement for as many players as possible in that age group.

Each year brings many changes for players across the region. Coaches, members of TSSC coaching staff and board members will be available throughout the entire process to answer any questions you might have.

For more information please contact Ron Schneider:


For competitive soccer, the entire playing year starts at tryouts. TSSC and every club in the region will hold tryouts the second weekend of June. Everyone wishing to play competitive soccer through TSSC needs to attend tryouts unless you’ve worked out specific permission through a coach.


Sun Screen
Cleats (no toe cleat)
Soccer ball (age appropriate)
U9-U11: Size 4 is the standard soccer ball for children up to age 11.  It has a circumference of 25-26 inches and a weight of 11-13 ounces.
U12 and up: The regulation size soccer ball, size 5, is played by youth players when they reach the age of 12.  Size 5 is also the size ball used in high school soccer.


Birth Year     Age Group
2011            U8
2010            U9
  2009            U10
  2008            U11
  2007            U12
  2006            U13
  2005            U14
  2004            U15
  2003            U16
  2002            U17
  2001            U18
  2000            U19
Be sure to check your player's age group for updates.


All current TSSC players wishing to play for TSSC need to register for tryouts even if they cannot attend tryouts. If you are a non-TSSC player and cannot attend tryouts, please contact Ron Schneider ( to inquire about teams.

Friday, June 8th

Age Team Time Field
U9 Boys New Team 6:00 pm West (N)
U10 Boys Barca 6:00 pm East (S)
U10 Girls Lady Gunners 6:00 pm West (S)


Uniforms, warmups, and bags will be ordered online through Soccer Master for the 2018-2019 season.

Stay tuned for details...

Saturday, June 9th

Age Team Time Field
U9 Boys New Team 2:00 pm West (N)
U10 Boys Barca 2:00 pm West (S)
U11 Boys Shock 11:00 am West (N)
U12 Boys Gunners 8:00 am West (N)
U13 Boys Ajax 9:30 am East (N)
U14 Boys Age Group 11:00 am East (N)
U15 Boys Age Group 8:00 am East (N)
U16 Boys Comets 2:00 pm East (S)
U17 Boys Copa Mundial 9:30 am East (S)
U10 Girls Lady Gunners 9:30 am West (S)
U11 Girls Attack 11:00 am West (S)
U12 Girls Galaxy 8:00 am West (S)
U13 Girls Ignite 2:00 pm East (N)
U13/14 Girls Elite 05/06 9:30 am West (N)
U14 Girls Strikers 5:00 pm East (S)
U17 Girls Elite Pre-Academy 11:00 am East (S)
U18/19 Girls Thunder 8:00 am East (S)
U19 Girls Elite Academy 11:00 am East (S)

Sunday, June 10th

Age Team Time Field
U11 Boys Shock 11:00am West (N)
U12 Boys Gunners 9:30am West (N)
U13 Boys Ajax 9:30am West (S)
U14 Boys Age Group 11:00am East (N)
U15 Boys Age Group 9:30am East (N)
U16 Boys Comets 8:00am East (S)
U17 Boys Copa Mundial 2:00pm East (S)
U10 Girls Lady Gunners 11:00am West (S)
U11 Girls Attack 2:00pm West (N)
U12 Girls Galaxy 5:00pm West (S)
U13 Girls Ignite 3:30 pm East (S)
U13/14 Girls Elite (05/06) 2:00pm East (N)
U14 Girls Strikers 5:00pm East (S)
U17 Girls Elite Pre-Academy 2:00pm West (S)
U18/19 Girls Thunder 9:30am East (S)
U19 Girls Elite Academy 2:00pm West (S)


Team Contact Information

Gender Age (Birthyear) Team Coach/Contact Email Address Phone
Boys U9 (2010) New Team Gant Welborn (785) 806-0367
Boys U10 (2009) Barca Coach: Mike Juarez (785) 224-9311
Boys U10 (2009) Barca Manager: Eli Geiger (785) 580-6159
Boys U11 (2008) Shock Ben Sullivan (785) 670-0500
Boys U12 (2007) Gunners Thomas Hunt (402) 619-6310
Boys U13 (2006) Ajax Hector Rubeo (785) 249-0447
Boys U14 (2005) Juventus Nic Simons (785) 845-0124
Boys U14 (2005) Milan Nic Simons (785) 845-0124
Boys U15 (2004) Strikers Alan Burke (785) 633-0087
Boys U15 (2004) United Alan Burke (785) 633-0087
Boys U16 (2003) Comets Alan Burke (785) 633-0087
Boys U17 (2002) Copa Mundial Terry Denker (HS Boys Dir) (785) 640-1799
Girls U10 (2009) Lady Gunners Zach Burkett (785 )230-4472
Girls U11 (2008) Attack Pavin Cole (785) 213-1739
Girls U12 (2007) Galaxy Coach: Camille Denis (913) 957-5291
Girls U12 (2007) Galaxy Manager: Ron Schneider (785) 969-9423
Girls U13 (2006) Ignite Coach: Matt Ottman (785) 274-9744
Girls U13/14 (2005/2006) Elite Coach: Morgan El-Attrache (913) 909-5667
Girls U13/14 (2005/2006) Elite Manager: Kevin Mapes (785) 554-6202
Girls U14 (2005) Strikers Steve Loy (785) 845-0271
Girls U17 (2002) Elite Pre-Academy Brian Cole (785) 640-3934
Girls U18/19 (2000/2001) Thunder Shane McGinley (785) 230-2800
Girls U19 (2000) Elite Academy Brian Cole (785) 640-3934